Hello Our Write Siders, Welcome to 2017. A New Year, and an opportunity for a new start. We’ve all made goals, right? We’re trudging along trying to achieve them. Then, BAM, something (usually life, or lack of knowledge, or lack of time) gets in the way. We let the goal go and are left in the same boat, making the same goals next year. Did you know that according to Forbes Magazine, only about 8% of people achieve their New Year’s Resolutions? And according to a Norcross study in 2002, 50% of us will give up within the first three months. Ouch! Change is hard, and New Beginnings are even harder! Part of the struggle is that we set too many goals and then get overwhelmed. Don’t feel bad, I do it too! Michael Hyatt recommends only setting 3-5 new goals each year. The Next Step is planning how you will achieve those goals, by using SMART GOALS As authors, most of us have added marketing goals to our New Year’s Resolutions (Or as a broad goal “Sell more books”) But did you plan how you were going to do that? That is actually a MASSIVE goal and without a clear action plan in place to achieve that goal, you will definitely fail. There’s a reason most authors sell less than 1,000 copies over the lifetime of their books. It has nothing to do with the quality of the book, or the quality of the author. It has everything to do with the author’s knowledge and experience with marketing, and a lot of luck. Without marketing, you cannot have luck. A few people will think “Ah, well, I need to advertise to sell more books.” And then they sink hundreds, or even thousands, of dollars into social media ads, not really knowing what they are doing, and come out the other side poorer and lost. Many of us cannot even afford to do that. We do a bit of research online and find out that we need to have a Virtual book tour. We search for virtual book tour companies and find either A) the cheapest, or if we’re really clever, B) the one with the best reviews. Then we invest between $20 and $200 dollars in a tour. We are doing the right thing! We feel good! We know this is going to turn into sales! And when the tour ends, we’re left scratching our heads, wondering what happened. We didn’t make our money back, we don’t know what we got out of the tour. We begin to question if it’s because our book is no good, or because the tour company was no good. Something is missing. smart goalsKnowledge is what’s missing. You need to know what to expect from a blog tour (Hint, it isn’t sales at first) and how to achieve the results you’re looking for. Why pay a tour company and hope for the best when you can take a 1 week master class and learn everything you need to know about how to create a virtual blog tour that maximizes your stops, maximizes your exposure, and maximizes your results. Angell’s for Authors is offering the Maximize Your Virtual book Tour Masterclass January 22nd-January 28th. This class offers real, actionable advice, and shows you how to plan a blog tour, when you should plan a blog tour, what kind of stops you should have, how to track the results of your tour, and how to guide tour attendees from the top of your sales funnel (What’s this?) down to the bottom, (Everyone should buy this book!) Author Heidi Angell (that’s me!) has been hosting book tours for six years, utilizing her marketing degree and experience to achieve the best blog tours that money can buy. She averages 60 stops on her release tours, and does a couple of “boost tours” of 5-10 stops throughout the year. (Seriously, you can’t buy this kind of information. Here are a list of “top” tour companies, some charging as much as $400 for a 30 stop tour. And that’s just the stops, not the information on how to maximize your results.) .   As part of this class, you get to join the Angell for Author’s forum and have access to updated materials (like the contact list of over 1,000 bloggers, vloggers, and discount sites) and this resource will allow you to collaborate with other authors and get support as you plan your own tours. The greatest part about this class is that it provides easily actionable steps that will help you plan a 60 stop tour in three months, only requiring 30 minutes a day. It is perfect for busy authors working a full time job to support their dream. And most importantly, the class is affordable. $60 for a week long class that will teach you everything you need to know to do your own tours. The list alone is worth more than that. But I am an indie author too. I know the budgetary struggles you go through. I am here to help. Want to know a bit more about this course? Check out the interview I did with Joe Compton of Go Indie Now Want to learn a bit more about the class, and what my other students think about it? Check out the Open Enrollment Announcement on Angell’s for Author.  Keep in mind that I am only taking 20 students for this class. It is close and personal. I want to be there to help you! Now, if you are ready to get the first step in your marketing goals of 2017 moving, then email me at Hangell531@gmail.com with the subject line Sign Up for the January Maximize Your Virtual Book Tour Masterclass and I will send you the registration fee for the course. If the class is full, I will let you know and see if you would like to be added to the wait list.